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John J. Deltuvia, Jr., M.A., M.S.
Jackson, NJ 08527 | 732-276-1569

Replacing in-the-box problems with out-of-the-box solutions.

              Software Architect | Operations Analyst | IT Developer | Programmer



Distinguished career as IT Developer and Operations Analyst, streamlining processes and cutting operational costs.

  • Strongly committed to quality, repair, dedication, and advancement of solutions.
  • Branded as “make it guy” because of ability to provide innovative workarounds.
  • Contributed more than $50M in revenue savings through inventive techniques.


Fully versed in many aspects of the complete software design and delivery lifecycle including:

Operations Analysis | Automated Solution Design | Process Re-engineering | Project Design | System Analysis
Database Design and Maintenance | Statistical Reports | Website Design | Programming | Debugging

End-user Training | Time and Cost Estimates

Technology Skills

Adobe Acrobat Professional, LiveCycle Designer ES, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flex, Photoshop, Muse

Lotus Notes | Borland Turbo Assembler | Java (Eclipse IDE) | JavaScript | PHP | UNIX

Microsoft ASP, Office, VBA, VBScript and Visual Studio.NET
Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g, SQL*Plus and Oracle SQL Developer

Specialized languages: EPOC programming language for Psion Walkabout units | Internal scripting language for Gallagher and Robertson GLINK emulator | OLE interfaces for Lotus Notes, MS Office, Hummingbird 3270 emulator

Career Chronology



Probation Services Division, Administrative Office of the NJ Courts, Trenton, NJ

Drive and lead full software development project lifecycles, while providing user training. Serve in Operations Analyst role to assess state directives and effectively integrate them into business operations leveraging IT systems.


Saved State of NJ $60M through design, development, and authorship of technology solutions to streamline business processes and operations.

  • Created procedure that extracted financial data from malformed Acrobat files and formatted it to accept modifications in mainframe database storage system.
    • Rescued $50M+ in Federal funding that would have been terminated due to reporting non-compliance.
  • Developed Windows-based system that generates arrest warrants by leveraging mainframe data storage.
    • Saved at least $10M in operating costs.
    • Recognized frequently in Marquis Who's Who in America and Who's Who in American Law.


More accomplishments . . .

  • Designed, developed and authored Windows-based systems that:
    • Extract mainframe-stored data used for local-site, laptop-based desk audits.
    • Record meeting schedules, track cancellations, and prevent double-booking of meeting rooms.
    • Record, tabulate, and transmit child-support hearing outcomes in compliance with Federal standards.
    • Run multi-element identification queries against mainframe data extracts, which were also used by Tier Technologies and ACS (private contractors handling state payment processing).
  • Designed, developed, and specified coding needs, while interfacing with mainframe COBOL programmers to:
    • Replace non-standard credit bureau arrearage notifications with Metro-2 compliant tracking.
    • Notify field workers when and how cases should be scheduled for court closure.
  • Created directory structure, layout, and schema for intranet that serves 2200 users in 25+ regional offices.
  • Designed, developed, and specified mainframe coding needs for Cost of Living Adjustment subsystem.



Dezine Healthcare Solutions, East Brunswick, NJ


Coordinated application improvement and maintenance procedures that involved application design and coding.

  • Conducted feasibility analysis, designed methodologies, and wrote code for application modules.
  • Managed programing activities of other team members in accordance with project requirements.


Provided Long-Term ROI through both application and leadership initiatives that:

  • Improved existing programs through debugging and design of more efficient code.
  • Led major upgrade—before sale of company—of application that was still available for purchase 3 years later.

Earlier Experience


Probation Services, Monmouth Vicinage, Superior Court of New Jersey, Freehold, NJ

Recommended by management personnel from prior vicinage for delivering high-quality operations analysis suggestions. Hired by assignment judge—who specifically created position with success of ACSES pilot project in mind.


Led Alignment of Computer Operations with Business Processes that improved efficiencies and garnered adoption from other state vicinages. Deployed applications that greatly increased child support collections.

  • Established computer and business processes that were adopted as policy statewide.
  • Coordinated release activities and built trust of application with other state vicinages.
  • Gained end-user respect by sharing application expertise and proactively listening to concerns.


Aided Criminal Supervision Officers through development and authorship of Windows-based systems that:

  • Tracked probationers who were subject to reporting requirements of Megan’s Law.
  • Consolidated multi-element information from legacy mainframe and other state database systems that improved case selection, scheduling, and calendaring for state’s Comprehensive Enforcement Program.



Systems Analysis and Development Unit, New Jersey Division of Public Welfare, Trenton, NJ

Applied process re-engineering and systems analysis methods. Trained personnel and edited procedure manuals.


  • Initiated ACSES pilot project at Burlington County site.
    • Developed methodologies and procedures that were later adapted by county offices statewide.
    • Trained site management personnel in conversion and live operations procedures.
    • Instructed site staff in all local-level procedures.
    • Verified that system operation was within established specifications and submitted discrepancy reports.


Business Improvement and Prized Expertise . . .

  • Used project management methods that were pre-cursor to today's Agile methodology.
  • Shared high degree of technical knowledge, which was valued across several management levels.
  • Sought by other vicinages requiring similar conversions, including Monmouth, Atlantic, and Essex.



MS, Computer Information Systems and IT Project Management, Boston University (2012)

MA, Professional Studies, Thomas Edison State University (2006)

BA, Computer Science, Thomas Edison State University

BA, Political Science, Livingston College, Rutgers University



IEEE | Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) | Project Management Institute (PMI)

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