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John J. Deltuvia, Jr., M.A., M.S.
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Replacing in-the-box problems with out-of-the-box solutions.

              Software Architect | Operations Analyst | IT Developer | Programmer

Selected Volunteer Activities


2002 -2015

SpiralHeart, Inc.

For 10+ years, I supported a section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission of enhancing spirituality through encounters with nature. My work here included:


Public Content Aggregator/Writer

  • I maintained and updated website and learning intensives content.
  • I ensured that social media presented a positive outlook for the organization.


Director of Media Services

  • I played an important role in several functions including project design, budgeting, management, planning and coordination both as team leader for media as well as a team member of the board of directors.
    • In particular, I supported media-related activities such as marketing, advertising, e-mail, informational flyers, and Web-based communications including social media, and fundraising.


Web Programmer Integrator

  • I supported the main website with:
    • Original dynamic design for forms and other usages of back-end programming via PHP
    • Proposal submissions for advertising campaigns that entailed click though strategies.


Jan 2010 - Mar 2010

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief in Haiti (MADRiH)

In mid-January, 2010, I was contacted by a friend who was coordinating a non-governmental-organization medical aid response to the January 12 earthquake in Haiti, for an intensive three-month assistance plan involving communications, media, and funding requests.


Web Coordinator
I played an important role in several functions including project design, budgeting, management, planning and coordination.

  • I expanded the one-page website to multiple pages including funding requests, and eventually pictures and first-person accounts of the situation.
    • I updated the website as soon as communications came from the teams in Haiti, sometimes several times daily.


Co-coordinator of communications

  • In cooperation with those in the US who volunteered to take shifts so that in-country teams would have communications available:
    • I devised a matrix of cell, satellite, and Skype communications;
    • I communicated availability shifts to US based personnel and ensured the in-country teams knew which phone numbers to contact, serving as a go-between among several teams;
    • I established a fall-back of 24-hour emergency communications support to persons not primarily tasked with support


In March of 2010, after the immediate needs of the Haitian victims had been served, MADRiH dissolved with some of the medical in-country volunteers joining up with other groups which had a more consistent supply flow.


Oct 1975 - Jun 1984

St. Veronica Roman Catholic Church

I provided musical accompaniment for the Senior Choir at both Sunday Mass and special occasions such as Christmas. This also entailed:

  • Planning and designating appropriate hymns and motets to accompany the scheduled readings for Masses;
  • Membership in the parish liturgy team, which included clergy, lectors, and music personnel;
  • Planning and coordination with the yearly team for inter-denominational ecumenical worship services.
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